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The Evolution of Real Estate Crowdfunding — Some Links

Real estate crowdfunding remains one of “fin-tech’s” hottest stories in 2016.  While crowdfunding remains a tiny percentage of overall real estate debt or equity deals, the share continues to grow.

Aside from the pure real estate-related legal issues that confront all real estate enterprises, crowdfunding platforms face additional layers of potential problems arising from securities regulations (governing how their debt or equity offerings are presented to what has become a wide audience of investors), corporate law (governing their relationship with their investors, whether the chosen form is the all-popular LLC or some other vehicle), and the “wild west” aspect of having no industry-specific precedent to rely on for guidance.

There are still no signs of an avalanche of litigation, as some have predicted.  But as the industry matures we can expect some of its contours to be shaped in courtroom battles.

Below are some links to articles outlining the continuing evolution of the real estate crowdfunding industry in 2016: