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New California Bill Promotes “Transit-Rich” Housing Development

California Senate Bill 827, introduced by Senator Scott Wiener, continues to draw attention as the State struggles to address an under-supply of housing that has not kept up with demand driven by strong job growth.

SB 827 would require local governments to approve proposed housing developments within a certain radius of major transportation stops (such as BART), as long as the proposed development complies with certain planning standards relating to demolition permits, local inclusionary housing ordinances, and relocation assistance requirements.

The bill would also exempt those developments from various local zoning requirements such as density, parking, and height limitations.

Proponents of the bill urge that this type of “smart growth” (higher density near mass transit) is the only way California can meet the enormous pent up demand for housing without encouraging further sprawl.

Opponents fear the loss of local zoning control to Sacramento, and taller/larger buildings being erected in quiet, lower-density neighborhoods.

Below are a few links for learning more about SB 827:

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